1.  “The River Named Modhumati” (1995), received three national awards for best story, best dialogue and best song.

2.  “Quiet Flows the River Chitra” (1998), received seven national awards including best film, best story, best director and best script.

3.   “A Tree Without Roots” [Lalsalu] (2001), received eight national awards including the best film, best script and director.

4.     “Lalon” (2007), received one national award.

5.    “Garments Girls of Bangladesh” (2007), received the award for best documentary film of the year, Bangladesh Federation of Film Societies.

6. “Tajuddin Ahmad: An Unsung Hero” (2007), received award of best foreign language documentary film by TVS Community Television Channel, Sydney, Australia.

7.     “The Promised Land” (2007), received 2nd best film in the South Asian Film Festival, Kathmandu, Nepal.

8. Tanvir Mokammel so far received ten national awards for his films.

9.       Tanvir Mokammel received “Chalachitram Award” for his contribution to cinema.

10. For his contribution to the art of cinema, the government of Bangladesh has awarded him with the prestigious “Ekushe Padak” Award.