Chitra Nadir Pare (Quite Flows the River Chitra)

Synopsis of the film "Chitra Nadir Pare"

After the partition of India in 1947, Shashikanta’s family, like millions of other Hindu families of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), faced the dilemma whether or not to migrate from the land in which they have been living for centuries. But Shashikanta Sengupta, an eccentric lawyer, stubborntly refuses to leave his motherland. Widower Shashikanta has two children, Minoti and Bidyut. Anuprava Devi is an affectionate old aunt who lives with the family. The family has a house in Narail, a small provincial town on the bank of the Chitra river. Some Muslim neighbours eye Shashaikanta’s house. But the family refuse to migrate.

Shashikanta’s children Minoti and Bidyut are friends with the neighbouring Muslim children— Badal, Salma and Nazma. Minoti and Badal become more than friends.

The children grow up. Badal goes to Dhaka University. Those were the days in 1960s when the atmosphere of the universities was charged with political radicalism. Badal got involved in anti-military student movement and while participating in a demonstration was killed by police firing.

Shashikanta’s brother Nidhukanta is an idealist doctor who lives in their ancestral village on the other side of the Chitra River. During the 1964 riot between the Hindus and the Muslims, his daughter Basanti, a widow, is raped. Basanti commits suicide by drowning herself in the Chitra River. Nidhukant’s family migrates to India.

All these untoward incidents happening around affect Shashikanta’s failing health. He suffers a heart stroke and passes away. Minoti and Anuprava finally leave for the border en route to Calcutta.

 * The film “Quite Flows the River Chitra” received seven national awards including the best film and the best director of the year 1999. Other awards were best Story, best Script, best Art-Director, best Side Actress and best Make-up Man. Shown in London, Oslo, Fribourg (Switzerland), Singapore, Delhi, Calcutta and Trivandrum film festivals.

(A feature film on destiny of a Hindu family in East Pakistan)

length : 114 minutes

format : 16mm.

photography : Anwar Hossain

editing : Mahadeb Shi

art direction: Uttam Guha

music: Syed Shabab Ali Arzoo

cast: Momtajuddin Ahmed, Afsana Mimi,

Rowshan Jamil, Towkier Ahmed, Sumita

Devi, Nazmul Huda & others.

production year: 1998

script & direction : Tanvir Mokammel