Film Maker & Author


May 11th



1.     “Film Aesthetics and Twelve Directors” (Chalachitra o Barojon Director) in Bengali, a book dealing with the film aesthetics of Griffith, Eisenstein, Kuleshov, Pudovkin, Cocteau, Dziga Vertov, Stroheim, John Ford, Renoir, Godard, Rene Clair and Satyajit Ray, Sahitya Prakashoni ,1985.

2.     “Film” (Chalachitra), a brief history of the world cinema, in Bengali, published by Bangla Academy, 1987.

3.     "Marxbad O Sahitya" (Marxism and Literature), a collection of essays, mostly literary criticism and on different authors of Bengali literature, also essays on Gramsci or on the problem of alienation.

4.     Syed Waliullah, Sisyphus and Quest for Tradition in Novel” (in Bengali), a book of literary criticism on the novels and short stories written by Syed Waliullah, perhaps the most prominent author among the Muslim community of Bengal, published by Muktodhara, 1988.

5.     “Nitchutalar Manush”, translation of Maxim Gorky’s play The Lower Depths, into Bengali, published by Viswasahitya Kendro, 1997.

6.     “Charlie Chaplin: Triumph of the Tramp” (Bhabaghurer Digbijoy), in Bengali, on the life and craft of Charlie Chaplin as an actor and film-maker, Sahitya Prakasoni, 1996.

7.     “Grundtvig and Gonoshikhsa”, a book on the theories of alternative education for the downtrodden and disadvantaged people of the rural areas, 1997.

8.     “Art of Cinema” (Cinemar Shilparup) , in Bengali, a collection of essays on different aspects of the aesthetics of cinema, published by Agami Prokashoni , 1998.

       - Articles on different socio-political issues, poems, short stories, book reviews, translation works, theatre and film criticism in different newspapers and journals.