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May 11th

Hooliya (Wanted)

(An experimental SHORT FEATURE FILM based on a political poem by poet Nirmalendu Goon)

length : 28 minutes

format : 16 mm. (black & white)

photography : Anwar Hossain

editing : Saidul Anam Tutul

music: Wahidul Haque

year of production : 1984

script & direction : Tanvir Mokammel

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Synopsis of the film

An experimental film based on the political poem HOOLIYA by poet Nirmalendu Goon.

“During movement in the 1960’s against General Ayub Khan, a young leftwing political activist had warrant against him. He would secretly move around by trains. Police detectives followed him. It was never clear in the poem whether the young man went to his village and met his mother and comrades, or whether he was just reminiscing about them and thus the past, present and future of the politics of that particular time of our history converged in his subconscious.”