Film Maker & Author


May 11th

A short profile of Tanvir Mokammel


Tanvir Mokammel has made six full-length feature and fourteen documentaries and short films. Some of his films have received national and international awards. His feature films are “The River Named Modhumoti” ,“Quiet Flows the River Chitra” ,“A Tree Without Roots”(LALSALU) ,“Lalon” and “The Sister” (RABEYA) and "The Drummer" (Jibondhuli). Tanvir Mokammel’s prominent documentaries are; “The Garment Girls of Bangladesh”, “The Unknown Bard”, “Teardrops of Karnaphuli”, “Riders to the Sunderbans”, “A Tale of the Jamuna River”, “The Promised Land”, “Tajuddin Ahmad :An Unsung Hero”, “The Japanese Wife” and mega-documentary “1971”.

A prolific writer, Tanvir Mokammel has written articles on cinema and cultural issues in newspapers, poems and short stories. Tanvir Mokammel’s important books are “A Brief History of World Cinema”, “The Art of Cinema”, “Charlie Chaplin: Conquests by a Tramp”, “Syed Waliullah, Sisyphus and Quest of Tradition in Novel” (a literary criticism), “Grundtvig and Folk Education”, a book on the alternative educational ideas and translation of Maxim Gorky’s play “The Lower Depth”.

Tanvir Mokammel is at present the director of “Bangladesh Film Institute” (BFI).