Rabeya (The Sister)

Synopsis of the

The film is a deconstruction of Sophocles’s play “Antigone” placed on the backdrop of the war between Bangladesh and Pakistan in 1971.

Th storyline is as follows;

 During Bangladesh’s liberation war against Pakistan in 1971, in a remote village Rabeya and Rokeya, two orphan young sisters lived in the religiously conservative household of their uncle Emdad Kazi, a rich kulak and a local Muslim League leader. During the war, for his political ambition, Emdad Kazi collaborated with the marauding Pakistan army. Khaled, the only brother of the two sisters, joined the Bengalee resistance guerillas to fight against the Pakistan army. During a guerilla operation Khaled was killed in a skirmish. The Pakistani captain ordered that the dead body of this young guerilla should not be buried. It had to be kept on the embankment beside the river as a display to scare off the villagers so that nobody dared to oppose the army anymore. Nobody dared to bury Khaled’s dead body. One night Rabeya, the sister, secretly proceeded to bury her brother. Rabeya was shot and killed. The villagers rose up. The Bengalee guerillas won the final battle and declared Rabeya as a martyr.

length : 120 minutes (approximately)

format : 35 mm.

photography : Anwar Hossain

editing : Mahadeb Shi

art direction : Uttam Guha

dress : Chitralekha Guha

music: Syed Shabab Ali Arzoo

year of production : 2008

script & direction : Tanvir Mokammel