Seemantorekha (The Border Line)

Synopsis of the film


A barbed wire divides a country, a people, a culture-Bengal, on religious basis. “The Borderlineis a story of four journeys, by two Hindu and two Muslim families, to see their ancestral homes in Bangladesh and in India.


Bengal, as part of the undivided India, was partitioned in 1947. The Partition took place in the line of the Muslims and the Hindus. But the actual borderline, at present, is a long stretch of barbed wire. Due to the Partition, millions of Hindu and Muslim families had to migrate from either side of the border.

The documentary “The Borderline” (Seemantorekha) is a journey film. The film is about journeys by four families to India and Bangladesh to find their ancestral homes, and also journeys by the film unit itself. During the journeys the film follows four visits by two Hindu and two Muslim families to Bangladesh and India to seek and to find their homes, and to experience, how things and relations have changed.

Though film deals with one pivotal issue- the Partition of Bengal in 1947 but it also incorporates the issues of partition between the Hindus and the Muslims, the partition between India and Bangladesh (erstwhile East Pakistan), and the partition between the families, friends and neighbours. The film delves deep into the psyche of those uprooted and alienated people who became homeless due to the 1947 Bengal Partition.